Genius global school conducts seminars, workshops, etc to generate awareness and sensitise students towards social consciousness

We as a team of School Counsellors and Special Educators cater to and enhance the needs of the child’s emotional, behavioural, academic and social well-being. We believe in stimulating the consciousness of children through various measures.

Following are the numerous measures taken for Students, Teachers and Parents in order to bring about social consciousness:

  • Life Skills– We conduct Life Skills sessions on a weekly basis for Grades Jr.KG to Gr X. Through these sessions, we inculcate age-appropriate values and morals through activity based learning.
  • Behaviour Modification– On a timely basis, we also conduct Behaviour Modification sessions for students in order to bring about positive behaviour acceptance for all.


  • Community Service– We enhance students’ emotional and social consciousness through related service experiences in the local community. We have taken them to Old Age Homes and Rehabilitation Centres, where students have been made aware of the importance of health and social care given to old people, to help them reintegrate into the community.
  • Workshops – The following workshops have been conducted in the school:

-Raising a Teen: A workshop for Parents in order to help them understand their teen child, guide them towards adopting different methodologies to deal with their children’s concerns and modify their parenting styles according to their child’s needs.

-Adolescence:  For students of Grades VII upwards, to inform them about the transitional stage of their life, to answer their concerns and prepare them to be socially responsible by taking conscious decisions.

-Teacher’s Orientation: An orientation is conducted every year for teachers across all Grades from Jr.KG to Gr X. It sensitises teachers by making them aware of the commonly prevalent difficulties faced by students and how as teachers they can observe the signs and find ways to help student’s emotional, social and behavioural well-being.